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Spiral Keys T-Shirt

This was a 1/2 day (i.e. fast) t-shirt project for my 15 year old niece in from out of town for the weekend. She is super creative, sweet, smart, talented, and plays the piano among other instruments. She's in high... Continue Reading →


Valentine’s Day

I've got to get this post in while it is still February!  The Valentine's Day project this year was to make two quick heart necklaces for the woofers.  Valentine's Day marks the one year anniversary of their Instagram account, @oakbark,... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Cupcake Topper

This was a quick project.  No pics, unfortunately.  I used three colors and two different types of paper.  The words Happy Birthday were cut out of dark pink glitter paper, the first offset was white and the second offset was... Continue Reading →

Teen Wolf Shirts

A 2016 Xmas gift for my 13 year old niece who is really into the show at the present time.  She's pretty cute. Teen Wolf logo on front, Scott's pack sigil on back Stiles' Jeep with howling wolf and full... Continue Reading →

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