Another April birthday! I really wanted to make my friend a black Labrador retriever-themed card because her dog, Annie, is that breed. Once again, I had all the supplies I needed for this card on hand: a blank white notecard and envelope, patterned paper, cardstock paper, glue, a Sharpie, Stickles glitter, Silhouette brand adhesive backed cardstock and adhesive backed corrugated paper. That last item was used to raise the dog and balloon off the patterned paper a bit. Always glad to work with what I have, instead of buying new materials!

I was really pleased with how her card turned out. I was especially happy to have an excuse to make another doggie themed birthday card for someone. Last October I had made a Rhodesian Ridgeback bday card for my boss that turned out pretty cute. This card built quite a bit on that previous design.

I recycled the “Happy Birthday” text, balloon, hearts and filigree from various Silhouette files I own. The dog was traced from a free vector I found online. The hearts were made more 3D by adding Stickles glitter glue to them; I highly recommend this glitter! It is very vibrant, sparkly, easy to dispense with precision, and it adds quite a bit of dimension to any project.

I popped a black Sharpie marker into my Silhouette pen holder to write the message I came up with on a piece of paper that I then glued to the inside of the card:

Here’s how the colors all looked together:

Someday I will either make a stamp or have one made with my company logo on it to use on the things I make. In the meantime, I went ahead and hand signed the back of this card, wrote her a personal message inside, signed, sealed and delivered it to her over breakfast. She really liked it!


This project went smoothly from start to finish. This doesn’t happen too often, so I am going to sit back and enjoy it. If this card inspires you to make a version of your own, please share. I would love to see it! Or if you just want to leave a comment, I would like that, too.

And, I can’t leave you without some cuteness from Hazel and Lenny!