It was my office neighbor’s 50th birthday this year, so I wanted to make her an extra special birthday card to commemorate it. She is Thai and her birthday was on a Tuesday, so I went with a pink themed, banner card in a box:

It is a Thai tradition to assign a color to each day of the week based on the color of the god who protects the day. If you are curious, here are they all are:

  • Sunday – red
  • Monday – yellow or cream
  • Tuesday – pink :^)
  • Wednesday – green
  • Thursday – orange or brown
  • Friday – light blue
  • Saturday – purple or black

My supplies for this project were all basic and on hand:

  1. Cardstock paper
  2. Glitter paper
  3. Ribbon
  4. Glue

I used a box template and rolled paper flower template I purchased from Silhouette. The rest of the banner I designed myself. I cut everything out on my Silhouette Cameo and assembled away. When I was done, I wrote her a message on the back of the last card of the banner and signed it.

As you can see, I put my newfound rolled paper flower skills to good use. I used my new McGill paper shaping tool to make these flowers and I absolutely love it.  It made the whole process quick, easy and relatively painless. I am really looking forward to exploring the other tools in the kit. There is a molding tool in the set that looks quite interesting . . .

I connected the letters together with matching pink ribbon and then I glued the entire banner to the inside top of the box:

An inspiration that really paid off was using a double ribbon between the letters. This made the card easy to take in and out of the box and also helped keep the letters from spinning and making the message hard to read.

Here is my vertical banner card in all its glory.  It turned out fantastic and my colleague really liked it. The box lid made for a natural hanger for the banner, and it was easy for her to use it as a decoration by hanging it off a pushpin in her office.

I popped it on her desk when she wasn’t looking so she would be surprised. It was fun. This was a great birthday card. It was interactive, 3D and celebratory. A mini party in a box. I am really looking forward to making another one of these someday.

One challenge I did have was with determining the height of the box. Unfortunately, I had to trim down the sides after I had already glued it together because I did not wait to assemble it until I knew how tall the banner would be. It would have been so much easier to trim while it was flat. Not a big deal but an important detail I did not want to forget.

Oh, and happy redbud flower time from Hazel and Lenny!