Many years ago my husband and I got in the habit of making my youngest niece a special dessert topper for her birthday every year. It’s always the first letter of her name along with how old she is. M9 might have been the first one and we are up to M14 now. I got stuck on the idea of giving her a bouquet of paper flowers and decided to go with a bouquet of rolled paper roses in various shades of pink and red for this year. We knew we were serving pie and I wanted more of a stand alone decoration anyway.

I had never made rolled paper flowers before so I bought the design from Silhouette (on sale!) and had to watch a couple of tutorials on YouTube to bring myself up to speed on how they are constructed. The flowers are simple but irritating to make. I rolled these on a bamboo skewer, but next time I make rolled flowers I am going to use the tool I bought too late on Amazon designed just for this purpose. Will let you know how it works when I try it out.

Here’s M14, in photos:

I filled the vase with a cylinder cut out of styrofoam, cut the bottom third off a foam ball and glued it into the top. This would be the armature for my bouquet:

Here is my first semi-successful attempt to decorate the “vase”, a recycled hair product cap:

The final product:

My husband designed the M14 for me and here is how it was presented on her birthday.  I set it on custom doilies I made just for this purpose:

Here’s a pic just for fun to show scale:

Overall it was a lot more work than I anticipated, especially decorating the vase, but these things always are. The vase was not as perfectly cylindrical as I thought so nothing would wrap around it easily. Fortunately, my paper bouquet was beautiful. I still enjoyed making it and learned a lot by going through the process.

We went with the Vahlrona Chocolate Cream Pie from Spilt Milk in Oak Park for dessert. Yummers!

And, also, Happy Spring from Hazel!!