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April 2017

UIC Peregrine Project 2017 – Part 1

Every year for the last 5 years I make a peregrine falcon keepsake of some kind to commemorate the peregrine falcon banding ceremony that takes place at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) when there is a successful breeding pair... Continue Reading →

April Annie

Another April birthday! I really wanted to make my friend a black Labrador retriever-themed card because her dog, Annie, is that breed. Once again, I had all the supplies I needed for this card on hand: a blank white notecard and... Continue Reading →

Pink Tuesday 

It was my office neighbor's 50th birthday this year, so I wanted to make her an extra special birthday card to commemorate it. She is Thai and her birthday was on a Tuesday, so I went with a pink themed, banner... Continue Reading →

Take This Rose?

Many years ago my husband and I got in the habit of making my youngest niece a special dessert topper for her birthday every year. It's always the first letter of her name along with how old she is. M9... Continue Reading →

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