I can’t resist a fun holiday, and St. Patrick’s Day ranks amongst the best of them. Ireland is one of my favorite places on earth, so I don’t mind the excuse to pretend I’m Irish for a day, either. Still, I can’t go it alone and I can’t risk my pups getting pinched, so this year I made a shamrock necklace for our 7 month old puppy, Hazel, and a leprechaun hat for our 11 year old, senior dog, Lenny, to go with his snappy shirt and bow tie bandanna. Unfortunately, the first hat I made for Lenny was too big, and my design on the first set of shamrocks I cut did not work:

It was no big deal. I am sure I can use the shamrocks in another project and I gifted the hat to a friend of mine who filled it with chocolate covered gold coins and shamrock confetti for her daughter for St. Patrick’s Day. Her daughter believes in leprechauns so she loved it.

I was able to quickly crank out another hat and cut out more shamrocks, but didn’t have time to add the elastic or assemble Hazel’s necklace until right before the clouds were going to roll in and we would get snow and lose our sunlight for days. We actually managed to get them “dressed” and outside while it was still gorgeous out!

Lenny’s hat was fairly easy to assemble since I was using a well designed, Silhouette brand template, but Hazel’s necklace was a bit of a challenge because it was all improvising. I started with one shamrock and then used the offset tool in the Silhouette software to create the smaller, inner ones. I added three small guide holes to the two larger shamrocks and left the small one intact. I cut out a few in all of the different shades of green paper and had fun mixing them together. I sewed the shamrocks onto the ribbon so they would not budge, and then glued the small shamrock on top to hide my stitches. It was a good, strong, stable design in the end and I liked it, especially for a puppy like Hazel:

Lenny’s hat was also a resounding success. The new size was perfect and it was a great fit. It would even stay on when he shook his head. Amazing.

I now had two pinch-proof pups!!

There were a lot of lessons I learned from this project but perhaps the most important one was to be careful when you buy paper online. I needed some 12×12 paper for the hat so I bought a pad online in various shades of green. Each sheet turned out to have a white core that was clearly visible from the side. I colored the edges of the paper with a green sharpie to hide this on Lenny’s hat. It went okay, but I would prefer not to have to do this. It was risky and sloppy. Fortunately it was not visible in their photo shoot.

Also, XOXO from Hazel!!