A 2016 Xmas gift for my 13 year old niece who is really into the show at the present time.  She’s pretty cute.

  1. Teen Wolf logo on front, Scott’s pack sigil on back
  2. Stiles’ Jeep with howling wolf and full moon


  • Two black shirts.  These two happen to be from the Gap.
  • Silhouette Cameo for stencil cutting
  • Silhouette stencil vinyl
  • Silhouette brand fabric ink in white and black
  • Daubers and sponges

What went well:

  • Distress effect on Teen Wolf Logo:

  • My Stiles Jeep/wolf/moon design. I tried a couple of other ideas before settling on this. I had to create the Jeep stencil from a photograph. The howling wolf and moon was an image I bought from the Silhouette online store:

What did not go well:

  • Sigil on back of shirt resembled a target too much.  More distressing in black was added to knock it back quite a bit. It was an improvement.  Unfortunately, it was not photographed again before I gave it away and what you see here is the lighter version:

Overall the project was a success and my niece loved the shirts.  For fun I bought two different base shirts.  The one with the logo is loose fitting and can go over leggings and the one with the Jeep is snug and would look great under a flannel.  She would certainly be envied at C2E2 this year if she showed up in either of these shirts!