This was a quick project.  No pics, unfortunately.  I used three colors and two different types of paper.  The words Happy Birthday were cut out of dark pink glitter paper, the first offset was white and the second offset was black.  I glued them all together using my Tombow liquid glue, trimmed a flat skewer to the length I wanted and glued that to the back with Scotch quick dry adhesive glue.  After that I added some twirled sparkly pink ribbon that popped over the top and out the bottom, added my signature, dated the back and called it a decoration.

This project turned out well overall.

What went wrong (something always does): My ribbon could have been sassier, but the granite weights I used to hold it in place while it dried kind of smashed it down a wee bit.  I also cut the text too small the first time.  I often wish I crafted more often so that these types of “rookie” mistakes can stop happening, but I have a full-time job, unfortunately (and fortunately!!).